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DWTS Season 16 (ч.2)

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Julia написал(а):

Карина и Джакоби в перерыве между репетициями зашли в магазинчик, 11.05.2013.

Каринка такая миниатюрка )))))  Учитывая огромный процент расизма  у меня в крови - рядом с негром Карину можно назвать  даже хорошенькой)))))


Приглашаю всех для обсуждения отношений Максима с женщинами его сердца, в ветку Максима Чмерковского.
Максим и его женщины.


10.0 - Bruno said it was superb my darling.
10.0 - Len said what happened in the best is no consiquences and he had pride in the technique.
10.0 - Carrie Ann said this is absurd that she can attain that level of perfection in this amount of time.
Score: 30.0/30.0, their first perfect score!

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Team: Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson
Dance: Samba
They are surprised to make the semifinals and know they are the underdog, but don’t count them out yet! Kym thinks Ingo is peaking at just the right time. I think he had some good moves in there, but it lacked the technique of a couple like Kellie and Derek. He has improved, but I still think he is the bottom celebrity left, right?
8.0 - Bruno said he loves his determination and he doesn’t give up.
8.0 - Len said he thought he did a good job with a difficult dance.
8.0 - Carrie Ann said he is into it, but then he slips up and he is the underdog here.
Score: 24.0/30.0

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Team: Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas
Dance: Rumba
Aly said this is a huge week for her and she wants to make the finals. They nailed this performance. It had so much emotion and Aly looked amazing. They bring out some big tricks and I loved it. She looked great and they had the emotion to go with the routine.
10.0 - Bruno said the right balance between romance and sensuality and she did it perfectly.
10.0 - Len said it romance, but it wasn’t raunchy.
10.0 - Carrie Ann said every moment of that performance they drew them in.
Score: 30.0/30.0, their first perfect score of the season!

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Team: Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff
Dance: Tango
Jacoby was upset with their scores last week on DWTS 2013 and he is still hoping for his first 10 of the season! Karina hurt her jaw during dress rehearsals, so she is going out there performing hurt. I like the setup of this performance and they look good together. I think he does well and they do some good twists and turns and had the emotion there, but will it get him a 10 from the judges?
10.0 - Bruno said the sexual tension was unbearable.
10.0 - Len said right on the money and that was great.
10.0 - Carrie Ann said just gets a kiss from Jacoby and says nothing!
Score: 30.0/30.0, their first perfect score!

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Team: Zendaya Coleman and Val Chmerkovskiy
Dance: Quickstep
Zendaya is very excited to perform hip-hop, but this one comes first! Amazing, amazing routine. This had so much energy and there were times that Val seemed to be whipping her around the dance floor, but it worked! I think we have another perfect score for the night and Ingo and Kym are looking to be in trouble!
9.0 - Bruno said this was a quickstep for the next generation.
8.0 - Len said the speed was so intense and the star went out a little bit.
8.0 - Carrie Ann said because of the start it felt like they were dragging each other throughout the dance.
Score: 25.0/30.0

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Second Performances Picked By The Twitter Fans

Team: Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler
Dance: Flamenco
After taking a look back at the journey of Kellie’s life and what has made her so strong. The fact that Kellie is on here as a celebrity and not a professional dancer is amazing to me. She is such a strong dancer and I think tonight proved she may be the one to beat on DWTS Season 16. Another awesome performance!
9.0 - Bruno said there were a couple moments where she tightened up and the flow doesn’t stop in flamenco.
10.0 - Len said she just booked her spot in the finals.
9.0 - Carrie Ann said halfway through she did tense up.
Score: 28.0/30.0 and a total of 58/60 for the night!

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Team: Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson
Dance: Charleston
I think this routine was meant to be fun and upbeat and they delivered, but I don’t think Ingo compares with the other couples and he should be going home tomorrow night. Correct?
9.0 - Bruno said it was fun fun fun and bring out the champagne.
9.0 - Len said the semifinals are the best time to do his best dance of the season.
9.0 - Carrie Ann said he hit a grand slam with that one.
Score: 27.0/30.0, so total of 51/60 for the night

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Team: Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas
Dance: Afro-Jazz
This is a dance style never seen on DWTS before and now I think we will see it a lot more! This was such a fun and energetic performance and they did awesome. I love seeing Aly have fun and that is just what she did here. Great job!
10.0 - Bruno said queen of the jungle and she has exceeded all expectations.
9.0 - Len said in perfect sync and they captured the feeling of the dance.
10.0 - Carrie Ann said that was ridiculous and they were perfect sync.
Score: 29.0/30.0 and a total of 59/60 for the night!

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